That’s right the moon.  I recently just got back from a trip to Arizona.  WOW, the desert landscape is so foreign to this east coast gal.  I have traveled to more than two dozen countries and have never quite experienced this…and in my own country to boot.

Plus, I must admit I thought the desert landscape would be so boring, uninteresting.  I know showing some true biased for sure. Some common plants native Arizona include Agave, Ferocatus, Oputia and Yucca…which you will see in my travel pics.

Crazy Cactus Mountain Landscape

More AZ landscape...with me in the center

I went hiking on several occasions and I found the landscape to be so…interesting.  Random catus…no lawns…and lots of dirt.  Here are some interesting pic from my daily hikes.

Walking the Desert Path

And as an added bonus, here are some pics of my hot-air balloon view.  It was my first ride and I highly recommend it.  Even for those that may  think they don’t have the guts…do it.  You don’t feel any is like floating.  It is incredible!

Inflating the balloon--check out the fire

Group shot before lift off--met some wonderful locals

Take off over the Tuscon Mountains

Looking inside the balloon in air

It looks like I am concerned, but really just concentrating on taking the picture.

Balloon shadow in fields of harvested Pima cotton

I have a whole new respect for cactus and succulents. And from what the locals tell me, when the desert is in full bloom, it is incredible.  I might have to plan another trip in May sometime to see that spectacular show.

So if the winter is getting you down. Consider traveling to warmer climates and/or check out different landscape.  It was a shot in the arm for me.

Happy Gardening.