Good news in the morning paper–Local gardening great Tony Avent will share some of his wisdom on the Martha Stewart Show this week. 

Hallmark Channel (312 on Direct TV, not sure about cable) today at 10, 2 and repeating on Thursday.  The topic is ferns–one of my favorite plants.  But topic really doesn’t matter.  Everytime I hear Tony speak or talk to him at his nursery open house I learn something profound.

Which makes a nice segue into his winter open house dates for 2011– Feb 25-26 and March 4-5.   The nursery and fabulous botanical garden which surrounds it are open 4 times a year, but winter is the most inspiring time to visit. 

Like Tony says, if a garden is beautiful in the Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall are no problem.   

So don’t just set your DVRs, mark your calendars, too.   I’ll be going and taking all the garden friends I can…

Also score one for  the N&O (and my resident newspaper reader) for letting us gardeners know about this.   Who says there’s no good news anymore…