So sorry to see that  the co-creator of my favorite Raleigh garden passed away over the weekend. 

With his wife Mary, Bill Joslin created a magic wooded space inside Raleigh’s beltline.   Open to the public twice a year for FREE, the Joslin Garden changed the way I look at my little patch of woods.    After my first visit many years ago, I literally came home and started building new paths like a demon. 

They gave me so much vision.

Here is Mr. Joslin’s obit from the N&O

Even if you don’t like reading these kind of things, skip down to the last few paragraphs.    He loved many wonderful things including family, dogs and garden.  We should all be so blessed. 

Thankfully, the Joslin Garden will not die with him.   It  is destined to one day become public parkland.  I aways marveled that as the McMansions grew up around them, the Joslins didn’t sell out for big bucks and move to Tahiti.  (Nice to be reminded that there are more valuable things than money in this world) 

Thank you Mr. Joslin.  I will miss seeing you in your garden. 

(Check Garden Goings On in the Saturday N&O to look for open days in the Joslin Garden this year.  If we spot one, we’ll let you know.