I know, I can hardly believe it, but Chris and I have been blogging for a full year.  And I have to admit, I have had so much fun.  I have learned, I have shared and I have connected with all of you.  This project has inspired my creativity in and out of the garden.  Plus kept me focused on getting out there and digging. Thank you for a fabulous year. Let’s introduce others to this awesome experience.  Feel free to share with 2 of your friends and help us grow–You should grow that.

Share the Garden Party!

Here are my top five favorites from the last year–Enjoy the recap.

  1. My biggest success–My Chimichurri post was a constant top visited post all year.  Who knew?
  2. The double whammie Nandina love fest–Chris’s perspective and mine.
  3. The growing seed series from Chris–from ordering, patient growing and transplanting–what a way to survive the winter by prepping for the spring inside.
  4. My beginners bulb guide and Chris bulb wisdom.
  5. In memory of the recently passed Mr. Joslin–the field trip recap of the Joslin gardens.

What are yours?  Tell us what you think? What kinds of posts you like? What do you want more of? What do you want less of.

Happy gardening!