That’s right.  I received a call on my vacation from my excited dad.  He couldn’t wait to tell me that his Edgworthia, I gave him for his birthday this year, was starting to show its buds. He sounded so enthusiatic.  Keep in mind, he has just taken a liking to gardening since he has retired.  He is, just like me, learning as he goes along.  And there is nothing like being given a plant you have never heard of and seeing is show off.

It is the most magical winter plant.  Its bare stems and showy, odd blossoms are sure to be a show stopper–in the winter no less.

Here is my Edgeworthia, although now after seeing the blooms I see I got the less than showy kind–less than $20.

My baby Edgeworthia buds

I am going to find the Snow Cream–pictured below.  That is the really dramatic one.  I saw blog partner Chris’s the other day and I was so jealous.

Show Stopper Version Edgeworthia Snow Cream

So if you are looking for a unique winter show stopper plant that had my dad calling to share the exciting news, you should grow Edgeworthia.

Happy Gardening.