So if you are like me the gray skies and the brown landscape can get to you during the winter season.  It is important for you to  write this down so you can plan for a more floral winter next season.  Check out Chris’s post on winter bloomers to consider planting in the spring for next winter.  But, like me, you have to survive the winter some how if you didn’t get all the winter bloomers in last season.

Here is a little winter survival guide for all you garden lovers–just 3 easy ways to get you through until spring.

1) Buy some flowers for your house if you don’t have any blooming right now.  I picked up a bouquet from Costco that has lasted for 3 weeks. Having flowers in the house reminds me of the seasons yet to come.

2)Get an indoor bulb set of Paper whites or Amarylis.  I have really enjoyed my set my brother and sister-in-law gave me for Christmas.  I plan to put that on my list every Christmas from here on out.  Not only do you get to watch them grow, but their blooms are spectacular.

3)Get ready to start your indoor seeds for the spring season.  You have about 2 weeks to get your gear ready.  I got my mini-greenhouse out of the shed and set it up.  I am getting my indoor grow lights out of storage and setting them up in preparation from my seed starting extravaganza. I am placing my final seed order this week (BTW–i am a little late ordering, but I think I will just make it).  I plan to swing by the nursery to get my seed starting soil and a few extra seed pots and trays.  The indoor seed growing season starts Mid-February and will last until it is time to transplant them in the ground early spring through the first of summer.  Not only will you see the seeds quickly emerge from the soil, but there is plenty to do to prep these babies for your garden. Never tried it before, or don’t now how to start.  Check out these previous posts, How to sow seeds Part I, How to sow seeds part 2 and Gearing up for the Seeds Starting Line,  to prep you for an incredible gardening experience.  Last year, when I started I really felt like I had graduated to the next level as a gardener.  Plus, I was able to grow enough to share and swap with friends.  So go ahead try it…

Take these 3 simple steps and I promise it will be spring before you know it.

Happy Gardening.