So you all know how much I love composting…Talk about a win win…diverting garbage from the landfill plus a bonus of fabulous, nutrient rich compost for the garden.

Well, after what seems like forever putting my organic waste in to my little earth machine, I couldn’t understand why nothing was really happening.  That’s because I wasn’t nurturing my compost pile.  I wasn’t helping the natural breakdown process by folding, flipping, and turning.

Aerating is very essential for composting success.  The organisms that are doing all the work need air to breathe.  Just imagine if you had to go to work and they cut off the oxygen….ok…that is a little morbid, but essentially what I was doing to my compost.

Since I have a small compost area, I just turn by hand.  My brother and sister-in-law gave me this groovy little tool  called the “Yard Butler” to turn with ease.  I never in my life thought I would have a butler…and now I am a proud owner…. You want to turn the outside material under and within the compost pile.

Check this little video of my “Yard Butler” in action.

There is some debate around frequency.  I did some research and this little whitepaper-like materials helped me better understand frequency.  Essentially the more moist the compost, the more frequently you should turn it. There was suggestion of every 2 days, that is a little high maintenance for me, especially since I don’t produce that much materials day to day. So I am going to shoot for an every week when I dumb new material in and see how it goes.  I may also add a little moisture to speed of the process.  I hope I will have plenty for my spring planting.

So don’t forget to turn your compost.

Happy Gardening.