Because there’s nothing like the first daffodils of spring–

And while I do have one earlier variety, February Gold is the first real blast of spring color in my Apex, NC garden.

Why great bunches?  You’ll want to celebrate and  cut lots for the house.

Put some on the kitchen table, some by the bed so you can catch the fragrance in your sleep.  Take a big bunch to a friend who may be under the very grey weather–

But you can’t cut them all– After a long cold winter, my favorite bouquets   are the ones glimpsed from windows. 

How nice to see flowers in the woods at last–

So grow great bunches of the super early daffodil , February Gold.

It’s very, very  tough:  Takes cold weather and comes back reliably every year. I have never divided my clumps (but I could).  Some daffodils stop blooming if they get too crowded–but not my February Gold. 

Because it blooms in cold weather,  February Gold has a long flowering  period–unlike the summer flowers that come and go so quickly in the 90 degree heat.   Weeks of bloom make it a plant that delivers lots of bang for your buck.

So make a note to self–great bunches of February Gold.

Do go out and take some pictures of where you want to plant them in the fall.  (Trust me on this one–You will forget)

February Gold Daffodils–a great plant for the south.   You should grow that!