So what does that mean…a fragrance hug.  Well, I have a patch of hyacinths right outside my front door.  This time of year, every time I walk outside to go for a run, check the mail, even take out my recycling and garbage, I am consumed by the fragrance of these little spring wonders.  It is really like a hug.  And don’t we all deserve a hug once in a while?

So the hyacinths outside my front door I planted 3 years ago and they are the first ones to pop up this time of year.  Which is a lesson I learned.  It does take a few years for plants to get established.  The ones I planted this fall during my bulb bonanza…they are just peeping through.  I planted them in a place where I could walk into that fragrance hug, along my path in my back yard and right next to my deck where I hang out on sunny days.  It is best to put your fragrant flowers where you will actually be able to smell them.

So put on your list this fall to plant hyacinth bulbs.  You deserve a  hug and a fragrance hug smells so sweet.

Happy Gardening!