So I returned from my travels to one of my favorite seasons here in NC…glorious spring.  And what did I see when I arrived….my bulbs all in bloom.  If you remember back in the fall, I wrote about my laborious exercise in researching how to shop for bulbs and then the follow up laborious activity of actually planting those more than 200 bulbs…and combine that with my post on how the garden has taught me patience…what do you get?  My absolute amazement with this showy display of daffodils, tulips and hyacinths in my yard.  It is truly a bulb blooming bonanza.  It took my breathe away.  It reassured me that often times patience does has its rewards and, in this case at least, has outperformed my wildest expectations.

Here are a few things to do now:

1- ENJOY….walk outside more, cut them and put them in your house, look back at photos when that part of your garden was bare…or in my case overgrown with my nemesis plant–English Ivy.

2-Take pictures. You will want to know what your yard looks with each burst of blooms, so you can plan for next fall. Also document when each variety blooms, so you can better decide in the fall what you need to plant more of to extend the season.

3-Share. Cut them and share them with your friends, family and neighbors.  You never know, you may inspire someone to add more bulbs to their garden.

4. Brag. You deserve it.  You took the time in the fall to plan and plant those little nuggets of wonder to wait almost 6 months for the pay off.

5. Leverage your joy and pride to plant more and sustain your gardening throughout the spring season.  It is my favorite, but it is the season that gardners literally work the most.  Pruning, preparing, mulching, mowing, planting(inside and out), weeding….You need the energy to sustain you for the season.

Oh….blog partner, Chris, was right…they are so much better in bunches.  Last year I had a few here and a few there.  I had them in these rows as if they were these little British soldiers lined up for battle.  This time…I planted them in bunches….asymmetric, almost wild.  Boy, do they shine in that formation.  You should plant more bulbs…and always in bunches.

What about you? Are your bulbs in a full blooming Bonanza?  Tell us about them.

Happy gardening!