I was afraid I might have missed my lettuce planting window.  Yes, it is true, lettuce likes a little coolness, but  you still have time to get a crop in.  And if you have never had fresh lettuce…boy, are you in for a treat.  Plus, you can grow lettuce anywhere–in a pot, on your deck, in your veggie beds.  It doesn’t discriminate.  So all you apartment dewellers or those unfortunate to have deer consuming all your planted goods.  Try lettuce in pots on your deck.

Here is an easy 1, 2, 3 on how to get your lettuce started.

1)Soil is key. Lettuce likes highly organic, fertile soil–although it is pretty resilent, so don’t stress.  Mix some topsoil and compost to start.  make sure it drains well.

2)Get seeds or seedlings.  Try Roman, Head, Leaf, and Butterhead…

3)Plant about 1/4 deep and about 12 inches apart. Mulch lightly to retain moisture. Water...Voila.  Watch it grow.

That’s it. Yummy salads galore!

You should grow lettuce.

Happy Gardening!