Yes, add Melissa Kennedy remake to the much covered original 1959 song “I fought the law” by The Crickets, later covered by Bobby Fuller, The Clash and others.  I did change the lyrics a bit.

So back to the battle…Yep, I needed to prune my Pyracanthas back…it had become quite beastly and it was overhanging my fence and one of my new beds.  I had put this task off for months…listing such excuses as not the right weather, season, other chores…you get the picture.  So with Bow Saw and pruning shears in hand…and a Rambo-like headband (optional for any of you considering this task for the future) set out to tackle this menace.

First a little about Pyracanthas (Rosaceae)…it is a cool shrub.  It has the most incredible berry bunches  in late summer through fall. Technically, they are called Pomes…but I just learned that.  They come in red, yellow or orange.  It is evergreen and has white flowers in the spring and early summer.  It is one of those 4-season shrubs. It’s common name is “Firethorn” and that is where the story gets more interesting.

So I go to trim a few branches.  I really underestimated the task in every way.  The branches weren’t these little scroungy things…they were tree-like–and they were all intertwined…so that was my first problem.

Yep..this is one of the limbs I cut..Big mama

I started sawing….got my groove.  Uh oh….i cut through and all the weight of this branch was on my old dilapidated fence and no one on the other side to help guide it free of my newly planted magnolia….warning…plant death may ensue…at least that was the little voice inside my head was saying. Then I decided I would just keep at the other limb and see if that helped me…no…just more weight and then it happened.  I was trapped by my sawing handiwork.  Only then did I panic and think to myself.  Maybe this was way too big for me to take on….of course…I took practical action.  I got out of the entanglement…and assessed the situation.  Not without those firethorns nicking me a bit…on the hands, in the face, on my legs…I think the thorns even took out a hunk of hair.  Not to be outdone…I looked at it from another angle.  Low and behold there was another branch from another tree adding weight and pressure so I couldn’t lift up these branches.  Well, I took on that one too.  Not without a few expletives though.  I grabbed that branch and hung on it like a monkey…it gave…but I was not injured.

the live oak that was injuried in this venture

Now this will sound easier than the actual process, but with all my might I finally was able to flip the limbs off the fence…breaking the fence in the process(OOOOppppssss).  Then it was time to clean up the debris from my branch battle.  That is when the firethorns really took me for a ride.  I had over a dozen scraps and splinters on what it seemed at the time every part of my body.  Bleeding, yet determined…I started cutting these massive timbers to small pieces(which is really what I should have done in the first place).  And pulled them to my debris pile.

Check out the carnage.

Part 1 of the carnage

the pile...

After it was all done, I roared like an Amazonian woman that just conquered.  I popped open a beer and reflected.  Boy, was that stupid….but then again…It’s done, oh, and I did it. I didn’t lose any of my limbs in the process…I fought the pyracanthas…and I won…singing happily.

So here is the take away–sometimes jobs are bigger then we think until we are in them.  Sometimes we can persevere and get it done and sometimes, we should stop and call a professional.

Happy Gardening!