Despite a fabulous vacation in Rio and visiting the Botanical Gardens, my life has been a series of unlucky BIG mishaps.  A big tree limb fell on my house, and I had to make one of the hardest garden decisions ever to remove an 80+ year old maple tree in my front yard.  It was actually one of the reasons I bought my house….but a trained arborist told me it had to go.  I admit, I cried.

The hole left by my tree limb tragedy

The hole where my maple used to be ;(

Then, due to a slacking city sewage maintenance crew, I had the very unpleasant experience of 3-inches of sewage back up in my house that ruined both of my bathrooms.  Surprisingly, I didn’t cry, except maybe a few tears for the smell.  Thank god for insurance (actually my insurance company has been wonderful–who ever says that.  Shout out to Liberty Mutual.  If you are looking for good insurance, I recommend them).

My bathroom disaster...UGH

Needless to say, I have had a series of bad luck(top with the fence damage from my Amazonian victory over my Pyracanthas and the series of three is complete).

But there is hope. With a little plant shopping therapy, I have officially turned that frown upside down.  Gardens and planting offer hope.  Plus, the natural endorphins from physical labor doesn’t hurt either.

You know when you have 2 weekends of awesome plant shopping– life isn’t that bad.

I bought a fun weeping Red Bud as a feature tree for my font yard to replace the old majestic maple.  Blog partner, Chris, told me that the tree removal was such an opportunity.  An opportunity to transform my front space.   It opens up the front entry way and makes it feel more welcoming.  Now I have a blank canvas and started placing plants to forget the loss. Stay tuned for a progress report.

A successful trip to Camelia Forest with lots of BOGOs and 50% off where I got a Black Jet Bead, a Miss Kim Lilac, Red Dogwood, (AND FINALLY) a Snow Cream Edgeworthia, a Wintersweet and a classic Pearl bush to fill in my back yard and make a woody scene as you look to the back.

A wooded retreat begins with all my new plants...

The PAX sale this morning was a great success too.  I got my frenzied-sale high, when people lined up at the gate with wagons and plant lists prepped for the rush.  I got 3 awesome large Viburnum Chindo for just $12.50 each.  I got 2 groovy Red Twig Dogwoods, Snow Queen Viburnum and a Mockorange for a steal.  Those are going in my front yard in either the new bed area where my sacred maple once stood or  in the front of my yard to shield me from the street.

Plant therapy to the rescue alright.  I have almost forgotten about my trifecta of mishaps….It works.  Buying plants, setting them out…imagining of what it will be and digging…it is the perfect cure to any blues.

You should try it.  Next time life throws a ‘lil disaster.  Try plant therapy.  It worked for me.

Happy Gardening.