Lablab can't wait to get out of the ground and start climbing

Anyone who knows my friend Joan will tell you she has a great sense of style.  She knows her likes and dislikes, chooses carefully and it shows in her lovely home.

So what does Joan want for her small but very elegant patio?  Lablab and lots of it.

Also called Hyacinth Bean, this vine makes a bold statement in our hot southern summers.

And it’s easy, a proven performer–

More than 200 years ago, Thomas Jefferson grew lablab  at  his home near Charlottesville, Virginia.  And Mr. Jefferson knew a thing or two about plants–

Check out the dramatic spikes of purple flowers in the photo from blog-partner Melissa’s garden last year.

(And check out her post from last fall about more great annual vines to try )

Lablab  also produces  flashy fuchsia-colored  beans.  Save the pods for next year and start new plants like I  did for Joan last week.  (Or buy some seeds from the Monticello web site.)

These are fun seeds to work with–robust and quick to germinate.

A native of  tropical Asia, lablab can take the brutal heat of a patio in summer, and live in a pot with out constant watering.   It’s one tough plant.

And lablab not only gives you dramatic color, this fast growing vine offers lots of shade and privacy–just in case you don’t live on your own mountain top like Mr. Jefferson did.

Lablab bean.  You should grow that, and you should start your seeds right now!