I love this little,  low tech,  wooden gadget.  It’s thrifty, green and while you’re making  bunches of newspaper pots for seed starting, you can catch up on some cool old news  (like the story of Doug and George, two Oregon Golden Retrieves who survived a 175 foot fall virtually unscathed)

But the big reason to use degradable pots is minimizing  transplant shock.  As the weather gets hotter  it gets harder for plants to bounce back from having their roots disturbed. 

That’s transplant shock–a period of recovery, instead of growth.

Some people overcome this with products like peat pots and Jiffy 7s. but I’ve never had good luck with either. They don’t seem to degrade enough to suit me. 

On the other hand, my newspaper pots work like a charm, breaking down to almost nothing by the time I get ready to transplant. 

Google  “Pot Marker” (simple product, simple name).  I’ve seen them for sale on ETSY.www.etsy.com.  While you’re there, check out my little store.  www.kikisrewinddesigns.etsy.com 

I make tool belts, journals and other garden themed items from vintage and reused textiles.  (Like the pot maker, I’m green)

PS:  What seeds am I sowing now?  The big stuff that likes hot weather, zinnias, cosmos, mexican sunflower.  You should grow those.