Nothing takes us back like fragrance.  It is our strongest memory.  And the honeysuckle that is blooming EVERYWHERE  right now make me feel like a carefee kid with a great, long, lazy summer just around the corner. 

But don’t relax too much.  This honeysuckle  (called Hall’s, latin name: Lonicera Japonica)   will take over quickly.   An import from China and Japan, it escaped cultivation generations ago and now twines and climbs from the Northeast to Flordia. 

So the message is– be careful what you plant! 

I only have to walk down the local greenway to see how many ivys and ground covers  are escaping into our NC woods.   It’s bad for our fragile native plants.  Very bad. 

In Raleigh’s fabulous Reid Wildflower Garden (a must see) members of the NC Native Plant Society  must gather reguarly to pull out invasive species.  Otherwise the natives would be lost.

So do some research about your plants.  Be responsible.  Control your ground covers.    How each of us  gardens  MATTERS. 

Final Notes:  My favorite open garden event —  The Conversation Garden Tour is 1-5  this Saturday.  For the first year it’s in Durham.  Go to:

for more info.  See you there–

Finally, since it looks like Hall’s honeysuckle is here to stay, best make the most of it.  Here’s a link to Honeysuckle Sorbet recipe made at Chapel Hill’s Crook’s Corner.    Like the fragrance, it takes me back…