Dazzling bunch 'o Euphorbia in my sunny bed

This is a “must” for any southern or NC gardener.  Euphorbia also known as Spurge is a brilliant plant–interesting, evergreen and tough!

It is a great “pass along” plant.  I got two different varieties from blog readers and have shared them already with friends.

Euphorbia in my partial shade bed...dont' they mix well?

Here are the specs for this fab plant:

1-Grows almost anywhere–full sun, part shade, shade, etc. I have one bunch in full sun and another in full shade.  Both areas look fabulous. Technically, it prefers full sun, but it has worked almost anywhere for me.

2-Drought tolerant–A must for these NC summers

3-Medium-size plant–growing from 6-36 inches

4-Mix and match with almost anything.  These plants look great in bunches all by their selves or with irises, Helleborus, salvias and other perennials….I don’t think I have ever seen a bad combo.  Oh and did I mention they were evergreen…

5-Deer resistant–I don’t have this problem but I know plenty of people who do, so this is a good one to try.

I hear the milky sap can irritate some people’s skin, so if you are cutting them wear gloves.  It spreads nicely, but not out of control.  And it prefers transplanting versus seed propogation…so grow some and I bet next year you will have some to share or spread throughout your garden.

You should grow Euphorbia!

Happy Gardening.