I love to write about beautiful flowers and groovy veggies, but sometimes we must write about the icky stuff.

I realized that many people reading this blog may have moved to NC or the south and may not know one of our nasty little secrets…ticks. I take for granted that I grew up in NC. I remember from spring to fall after my brother and I were outside playing in the woods, my mom would always say upon entry—of course after she said wash your feet—ok kids, its tick check time.  I remember the routine; she would pull us close and then start rummaging her fingers through our hair.  She was feeling for any odd little bumps, which she would pull back  the hair and see if it was a tick.  Then she would look us all over and after the inspection was complete, we were off to clean up and get ready for our next adventure.

So take my advice, every time you are outside,  don’t forget to check yo self (referencing an ole high school rap song by Ice Cube).

Rummage around your head to feel for any bumps and check out your body to make sure none hitched a ride.

Here is one I found crawling up my leg this week.

This nasty tick hitched a ride on my pants

If they do attach, don’t worry.  You should be able to pull them off and then you need to kill them.  They are nasty little things…they can spread diseases like Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

Stay safe and happy gardening.