Admittedly, I am a big picture gal.  When I look at my strengths, I always see the forest…never the trees as they say.  But that weakness has definitely emerged in my gardening.  By not paying attention to details like plant height, I have seen the error of my ways.

Take for instance my tropical bed, I created last year.  It was fine last year, until I added to it this spring before the other perennials emerged.  I didn’t bother to look at my pics to see what I had where.  Nope, I blithely just planted these awesome evening primroses, saying to myself, gee these will make a great border.  Boy, are they awesome.  So awesome, in fact, that they are now taller than the bear’s britches and the Euphorbia that rests behind them.  This is when size matters.  You should layer your plants according to height.  Duh…I knew that.  But what I didn’t do was check the max height of the new plants I was introducing.

Primerose is taller than my plants behind...

The other dilemma I have is remembering the heights of the plants that I have already planted.  I label the names of them(sometimes), but never thought to put the heights.  That might be a summer, indoor project–rewriting my plant labels, so I know the names and the heights.

So the take away:

  • Plant height is when size matters.
  • Remember to consider the height and make sure you put the tall plants in the back
  • Add plant height to your labels, so as you add to your garden you can make an informed decision.

Happy Gardening.