Blog-partner Melissa calls it “AWESOME!”

Meanwhile, my mom phones every few days to rave about the big, fragrant yellow blooms that open right before her eyes. 

I love them too.    Tina James Evening Primrose is the best thing in my yard right now.   But you’ll probably never find plants for sale. 

Instead, do what I do–buy seed and start them outdoors this summer.  Here’s a link to my favorite seed source,  the Fragrant Path.

Or you can ask me, Melissa, or my mom for some seeds or a plant. Fortunately, Tina James seeds all over the garden. 

It’s  a “biennial”.  That’s a plant that grows foliage one year and blooms the next, then passes on to the compost pile.  

 Biennials are a wonderful class of plants for the South where winters are relatively mild.  Foxgloves are a great example.  Honesty, aka  money plant, too.   But Oenothera glazioviana (Tina James Evening Primrose) is the flashiest biennial I know.  

Like mom says, it opens right before your eyes. (Think time-lapse photography with out the camera)

Garden writer  Tina James,  who discovered it,  was said to have Primrose Parties to watch the blossoms unfurl.  (It helps that this happens at cocktail time) 

I also like to watch the hummingbird moths pollinate the flowers.  And I like anything that blooms in the cool of the day when the weather is hot.  

A very cool plant–Tina James Evening Primrose.  Put it on your list. 

One caution:  All primroses are not created equal.  There is rampant pink one that will take over a garden or lawn.   Make sure you are getting “Tina James” unless you happen to want your lawn taken over.