Lots of rain around the area this weekend, but not enough to make a difference at our house.   So I was up and watering again this morning.  Here are some changes I’ve made to make the job easier:

1) I can’t believe I tolerated that leaky hose connection for so long.  When I finally decided to fix it, I  just unscrewed the hose, inserted an inexpensive yellow plastic HOSE WASHER, screwed the hoses back together and the leak was gone.  I’ll probably save thousands of gallons this summer by making that one  little change.  So Number one–fix your leaky hose connections.

Number 2)  Haul fewer feet of hose around.    I now  keep a long  hose coiled on the back path and it really helps on labor.  When I need to water the most distant beds, I just attach my main hose to the woods hose.    I also keep a hose from my largest rain barrel near my driveway pots.  Dragging hoses is a pain.  Minimize.

Number  3)  I carry a  bucket when I’m  watering widely spaced beds or  shrubs.  As I move from plant to plant, I drop the hose in the bucket.  Can’t believe how much water I save this way, enough to water several plants.  And I’m not just saving water, I’m saving time.

And finally, Change 4–Budget time for watering.  I find this summer chore is much easier if I set aside time every day or so to keep up with it.   I like to water by hand in the morning.    The garden is fresh, and I can get up close and personal with my flowers and vegetables as  I soak their roots and pull a few weeds.   Fun…I love tending my plants.

So what are you doing for fun in the gardens?   Share your success stories and photos. Time to reap the rewards of all that spring work.