As you know, by now, I am not a garden planner.  I go to plant sales, buy what is on sale or suggestions from others or take any plant someone wants to share and just plant according to plant needs, i.e. soil, water, sun….sometimes it works out and some times it doesn’t.  But this serendipitous combo is out of this world.

I heart Cone flowers, (Echinacea) and this one is incredible…a bright orange and it is called Tiki Torch, perfect name for a summer plant.

Behind this lovely flower is a bushy Lacecap Hydrangea, (Hydrangea macrophylla normalis) purply, blue  that fills in the garden space nicely. This one likes a good mix of sun and shade and loves water.  Boy, is it showy.  I got this one from my grandma, so it is very special with or without the combo!

Followed by one of my favorite giants, Pink HollyHock, (Alcea).  Blog partner Chris calls this one a fav grandma plant. Note it is a biennial, which means it will only bloom every other year.  It spreads nicely if you wait until seed pods dry and scatter.

The combination is killer  and a beautiful sight all day long.

You should grow any of these by themselves or in combo.

Happy gardening!