You’ve got to love a plant that blooms this time of year  in the shade–
The Tall Bellflower, (Campanula Americana) is a great plant for Southern Gardens.   I marvel that more people haven’t heard of this very lovely flower.

Maybe because it’s one of those hard to classify Annual/Biennials.

Don’t worry if you don’t know what I’m talking about.  It took years for me to get a handle on the biennial group.

But the journey was well worth it.  Many of my favorite plants grow from seed  one year, and flower the next.

Think of Campanula Americana as a taller, more heat tolerant larkspur–one that can take sun or shade.

Buy seeds once,  and you’ll have this wonderful plant forever–plus plenty to share with your friends.

My original seeds came from the Fragrant path and are still available for a mere $2.

Here’s what these fine heirloom seed growers say about the plant. ( Note: They garden  in Nebraska. Like many plants, Tall Bellflower behaves rather differently here in the South)

Campanula Americana (Tall Bellflower)

Strictly an annual, but when treated as a biennial will
give the more magnificent plants…
with its straight, unbranched stems to five or six feet, bearing small blue
flowers in profusion. All in all, distinctly useful and beautiful for the moist shady garden. Zone 4