When summer days are too hot to garden, enjoy your flowers at night.  Thanks to my neighbor and my little sis for the photos.

Here’s Datura or Angel Trumpet blooming at my sister’s house in Ashland, Va. 

Long, cigar shaped buds open in the evening.   She grew this impressive and very fragrant plant from seed.And thanks to my neighbor’s new camera, here are some  lovely shots of my Tina James Evening Primrose under the stars. 

After a recent post on this plant, I got a nice note from my friend Jeff about watching the flowers open at a neighbors house when he was a little boy. 

I agree, it’s a  pretty unforgettable sight.

My  first plants were grown from seed many years ago. Mother nature took over after that.

Hate to confess that another favorite and famous night bloomer, the moon vine,  is still not in the ground at my house.  Again, it’s an easy plant from seed.  Hopefully a photo by August.

And send your photos.  We really enjoy posting and sharing.