It’s so funny how kids are about bugs, huh? They either blithely adore them or cringe with the “ooohhh, yuck bug.”  Well, I for one have always embraced them–my dad always said that since we live in the woods, we have to share their space with them.  While bumble bees aren’t really a cuddly bug, you would think I wouldn’t love them as much as say…a firefly or butterfly, but I do.  When they whiz around the garden they are truly majestic creatures and today, I had the pleasure of watching the most wonderful ballet.  Almost a dozen were circling and resting on my “bee balm” plant.  They are big and seemingly ackward, but in flight and in pursuit of the flower nectar they were the star swans of the ballet.


When considering what to plant to attract insects, consider Bee Balm.  It loves the south, attracts butterflies and dragon flies as well.  There is always a flurry of activity around this plant in my garden.   Bee Balm (Lamaiceae) is a periennial herb. Looks great as a thicket in a woodland scape or great in a mixed border or bed.  It has these amazing showy flowers and grows to be at least 3 ft tall. It is fragrant and many harvest around July to dry for tea or poppouri. Best grown from plants than seed and watch out…it can spread.

But what amazing scene of bumble bees dancing it provides…this is one ticket that only takes a little gardening love to get.