Honey bees love my bee balm

I’m so lucky! There’s a bee keeper living across the cul-de-sac.  

They love this Stokes Aster--and I do too

Thanks to neighbor Ron’s bees for all the lovely pollination. 

Honey bee groovin' in a great pass-along daisy from my friend Kristen

I return the favor by not using pesticides or lawn chemicals.  That means we live with some pretty bad insect damage at times–Japanese beatles for example.  And I really hate the leaf rollers that attack my Cannas .    But we also live with some wonderful insects (like bees which are critical for plant life)

Daddy Long-Legs on the butterfly weed

Thanks to husband Bill for these marvelous photos.  (We should all live with photographers)

Bumble bee drinking at the Summer Phlox

And for more info about encouraging bees and bee keepers, check out this post from blog partner Melissa.   The declining bee population is a huge environmental issue–one we should all pay attention to. 

Dragon Fly observes from the tomato stake