As I walk out to my garden, I see this beautiful light purple, white cone emerging among the the greenery…and I said to myself….ice cream sure would be good.  Not sure it was the heat or if I was hungary but my newly planted Phlox reminded me of an ice cream cone.

I just love the in PHAT

This was a pass-along-plant from the plant swap we did in the spring.  I wasn’t  really expecting anything.  But boy, has it performed in this summer heat.  I haven’t sent it wilt once.

Phlox is an outstanding plant, but be sure to look for the ones that do well in the South! There are lots of northern varieties that just won’t hack it in our heat.

Phlox is easy to grow, low maintenance and multiplies readily.  It makes great cut flowers and many varieties are fragrant.

Phlox prefers well-drained soil, so that original southern clay mess just won’t do.  Cover with compost and thin layer of mulch after spring planting.  Look at variety instructions to see whether plant prefers full sun(like mine), or shade.  Divide every 2-3 years and pass them along to your friends.  Maybe they will be seeing ice cream in the garden like me.

You should grow Phlox.

Happy gardening!