Normally, I am such a positive person, finding delight in everything, even if it is seemingly negative on the surface…but not this time. There are two plants I have been waging a weed war on since I moved in my house!

The first seems like a classic, English Ivy.  Sure it makes a great addition to container gardens and in any controlled setting, it is fine.  But in my garden, I hate it.  It is invasive! It is so difficult to get rid of and as soon as you think you have it licked….BAM, back again.  I still have a whole section to tackle where this nemesis is embedded, but it is way too hot right now for me to pull, poison to dispose of it.  I am sure the previous owners thought of those Victorian era gardens of England, where Ivy made a royal ground cover.  Not me…Once you introduce this alien invader, be prepared for it to take over, spread into your neighbors yard and take over some more.  I hate English Ivy in my garden.

My Arch Nemesis...English Ivy

The second is a new one for me.  I remember reading poetry about the Elderberry…apparently it has some medicinal qualities, for me it is more of a pain in my bottom! Yeah, I get it.  Birds love the berries, but they also carry them far and wide, all over my garden.  This shrub-weed pops up all throughout my garden. My neighbors put up a new fence and left a little patch between mine and theirs….and this elderberry bush has taken root.  UGh….also as those birds are snacking away at those bright blue berries, prepare for the staining effects of what comes out the other end (WARNING, graphic poop description to follow).  Yep, those bright blue berries stain bird poop, a brillant purple which is almost impossible to get off your car.  Yep, its official I hate the Elderberry.  Sorry fairies of the dawn, this one has got to go.

Elderberry Invader!

So there you have it….2 plants I hate the most: Elderberry and English Ivy.

For now the war continues…perhaps one day I will emerge victorious.

Happy gardening!