A bountiful tomato harvest

So my tomato plants are prolificly producing this week, so I thought it only be best to share my favorite recipes…Hence, the first ever Tomato Week on Youshouldgrowthat….if you have ever looked forward to “Shark Week,” on the Discovery Channel, well, think of it that way.  Only not as violent….at least for humans 😉

Here is a simple one for you to try:

I call it “Egg Over Tomatoes.”  I said it was simple didn’t I!

First cut your tomatoes, I have these sweet, tangy Sweet Chelsea Cherry tomatoes.

Sweet Chelsea Tomatoes in halves

I then salt and pepper these tomatoes and drizzle a lil Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Then get your frying pan super hot and spray with nonstick spray.

Hot Pan

Crack an egg in the pan (I prefer cage-free organic myself–more flavor, richer yokes and good for the soul). Salt and Pepper…

Good Ole Egg

Fry egg until over-easy…this is important for the recipe.

Take over-easy egg and place on top of your bed of tomatoes.

Break the yoke over the tomatoes and there you have it. The rich yok center, drizzles over the tomatoes with an incredibily velvety mouth feel. Sometimes I garnish with fresh basil from the garden too.

"Eggs Over Tomatoes"

It is a decatent, simple breakfast, lunch or snack even. It reminds of my days in Europe…on just about every menu regardless of meal or country there was some sort of egg dish with a fried egg on top.

You should try it.

What is your favorite tomato recipe…share with us during Youshouldgrowthat’s “Tomato Week!