Fresh tomatoes are on the menu again!

Anyone who has been to my house for drinks, dinner or a party in the last 15 or 20 years, has probably eaten my FRESH TOMATO And PESTO PIZZA.

It’s delicious–

Can be tossed together in minutes, even in a kitchen crowded with merry makers–


No fail–

And while you can make it year-round with grocery store grape or tomatoes on the vine, it’s a real shame not to make this pizza often when fresh tomatoes are in season (or your favorite garden blog is celebrating Tomato Week)

Here’s what you’ll need:

Tomatoes–I like to use a large cherry variety called Sweet Chelsea–They’re easy to grow–lots of flavor and natural sweetness–But any garden tomato will do just fine.

Classic Basil Pesto–Buy it ready-made or use your own.  I make and freeze lots every year, so I always have homemade pesto around.  (Here’s an old post on pesto  )

Sharp Provolone Cheese–Make sure it is sharp or aged, not the mild stuff they put on sandwiches.

A crust–Use a pre-cooked Boboli or one of the shape and bake Trader Joes crusts, or make your own.  If you don’t want to mess up the kitchen, go with pre-cooked.

Good Olive Oil for drizzling–

How to:  Chop tomatoes, put them in  a colander and shake out extra liquid. Grate Cheese.  Spread pesto on crust, top with tomatoes, salt and pepper.  Top all with sharp provolone.  Cut into wedges, serve and enjoy.

And finally, another tip for enjoying fresh tomatoes.  Never refrigerate a tomato.  Ok, maybe after you’ve sliced it, you can refrigerate the cut end, but the frig takes away all the flavor.  So store tomatoes at room temp.  If you can’t eat them fast enough, give some away–or slow roast them and refrigerate or freeze in olive oil.