Big gaps in the flower garden are to be expected.  Spring bloomers like Larkspur and Primrose dry up and die.  Irises go to seed.  Small possums move in  under bay windows and are chased out by vigilant little dogs who stomp lots of plants.

Garden Puppy on patrol--

So it always pays to have some back up flowers standing by.

Every July, I clean up spent plants in my flower bed, then transplant LARGE, container-grown, heat loving annuals into the holes left behind.


Toss in lots of fertilizer.

Mulch and check for drying out everyday.

My plants will grow, fill out and fill in the holes  as we move into late summer and fall.

Some of my favorite July transplants are:

Salvia Van houttii

Cleosia flamingo feather

Castor bean

Flowering tobacco

Tall sun coleus

Since I’m planting in a mature garden, transplants need to big enough to get good sunlight.

But this time of year, big annuals  can be pricey and hard to find.

So make a mental note to do what I’ve learned to do over the years–nurse along some extra annuals in large pots, so you’ll have what you want for mid-summer transplant time.

You can even set big pots right in the garden to cover empty spots.  I’ve done this often over the years, sometimes stacking pots on pots to get the right height.

The important thing is to keep moving with the garden.  Stuff happens. Plants come and go.  Embrace the change and enjoy the process. You’ll be a happier gardener.