No pictures, because pictures would be too ugly.  My garden is not a happy place in this painfully dry July heat wave.

But water is life.   Words worth repeating often when it’s 95 degrees in the shade–WATER IS LIFE.

So no matter how hot it is, you’ve got to get out there.

–Hand water newly planted shrubs (two years old or less) without fail.  I make a circle  of the garden every few days when it’s this hot.

–And my pots need attention  every day.

–Sprinklers are running too–but only on my assigned days.  We have odd/even watering in Apex.

A few more tips–

Mornings are best.  The ground is not as hot which means less evaporation, cooler air.

Keep a ziplock of wet wash cloths in the freezer.  Put one on your neck or in the back waist band of your pants.

Finally, remember the old “glass half-full” approach to life.  Don’t panic.  Sure, there are a lot of plants that need your attention.  But don’t forget to focus on the ones that you’ve revived.   They’re saying, thank you…water is life.