So when I was a kid, I was fortunate to have a grandma that loved flowers.  We would walk along her farm in Selma and see what was blooming, budding or fruiting.  As I grew older, she would quiz me on plant names.  Needless to say my garden passion started young with a little inspiration from my grandma.

I was looking through some old pictures the other day and ran across this one.  Yep…it is a Polaroid…remember those?

Me in my Grandma's Rock Garden

It is me as a little girl in my grandma’s rock garden.  I remember one time when she asked me if I wanted her to take out the rock garden and put in a pool.  I was vehemently against it…sounds unbelievable I know…but I was a garden girl.  (On a side note, something more unbelievable about me is that I preferred cole slaw to fries as a kid…yep…I was a unique one for sure.) That was what I looked forward to most when I visited my grandma…the walk and the pick.  I used to pick all sorts of flowers. It was one of my fondest childhood memories.  Still true today….every time I go to my grandma’s house–though she has moved several times over, we walk and play the flower quiz….we take scissors out to cut a bouquet I take with me.

Two things to take away from this post:

1)Sharing your garden with others makes an impression.

2)Rock gardens, well ROCK!.  She used to have flowers and succuilents…her famous “hen and biddies,” I still grow to this day.  Take my advice and skip the pool and keep the garden.  Though this extreme heat makes you want to run for the air conditioner, the pool closes after labor day and the garden is there to enjoy throughout the year.

Happy Gardening!