Large, fragrant and tough as nails, my night-blooming  Datura is remarkable for 3 reasons.

1) My sister grew it from seed.  I love plants that go from zero to 60 in a single season, and Datura is definitely one of those.  This 5 foot giant began life in back in February under grow lights in my little sis’ family room.

2) My Datura live in a pots.  A native of Southern China,  they love our summers.   In the garden,  Datura could spread 5-6 feet.  My pots contain and lift it.  They  also keep the plant out of our dog’s way.  Datura plants are toxic when eaten.

3) My Datura is watered with recycled kitchen water.  I rinse produce, coffee and tea pots over a small bucket.  Glasses of ice water left around the  house end up there too.  Does this make a big impact on the world’s water supply?  No.  But keeping two huge, fragrant night bloomers alive on  leftovers  is a constant reminder that  water is precious.

Finally, my lucky little sis is off  in cool Montana this week so I can’t verify, but I think the variety is Purple Ruffles.  I really like that the blossoms face upward.  That’s not the case with all Datura.  Many dangle their flowers so make sure you know what you are getting.

Still, flowers up or down–Datura’s a great plant for the South.  You should grow that.