My friend Kristen is a marvelous gardener–but this of year she always tells me she’s going to give it up.

To which I reply:  Don’t give up gardening.  Just give up gardening in July and August in the South.

About now,  I’m not much of a gardener either.  My time in spent sustaining–delivering water to heat stricken plants trying to survive in earth that’s as dry as dust.

No wonder Summer Garden Burn-Out is so common in the South.

But then it rains….

The garden revives like magic and the August rain lilies pop out of the ground overnight.  

To my eye nothing is more beautiful.   Like a reprieve…

Zephyranthes Labuffarosa require nothing from me.  Ok, I did plant them, but now, they’re on their own, growing at the foot of evergreens, getting their only water from mother nature.  They seed and spread on their own, too.   But new plants are always welcome.

So in honor of last weekend’s rain, free seeds to the first 5 readers who ask.  I’ll harvest them in the fall and worry about getting them you after that. Just leave a comment below–

(Note: 24 hours after this post appeared,  all rain lily seeds for this year are reserved.  Let’s hope I can offer some more  next year. Meantime, I’ve found a great way to spread my extra seeds around, so maybe some other varieties coming soon)