Remember when I wrote about the coolest plant I saw at the NC State Fair….the Castor Bean? Well, I was fortunate enough to get some seeds this year from our tomato party, plant exchange this spring.  I planted them and boy, has it delivered.

It is a giant.  It is loving this hot, hot, humid weather.  It is a fan favorite of visitors to my yard.

My new favorite bird

I was outside one morning, drinking my cup a joe and what do I see. I new visitor…A golden finch.  I didn’t know what it was at first.  Had to check my Peterson’s guide.  It had this bright yellow body with black wings.  I had seen a yellow finch before…they are pretty common in my yard, especially since I installed my new bird bath, but this golden.  That was a new one for me.

Plus, there is this flirting couple of humming birds that swarm around the plant too.  You see, my dog, Jasper, actually trampled my blue Salvia which is always a big hit with the hummingbirds this time of year.  He was blinded by a squirrel chase one evening and totally disregarded the rules of “Stay out of the garden.”  So I feared I wouldn’t see hummingbirds this year, but the Castor Bean delivered.

You should growth Castor Bean.  It is great this time of year when the rest of your garden looks a bit burnt, plus it is irresistible to the birds.

Your turn to share….what plant is attracting the most wildlife in your garden?  Share in the comments section and I will share some Castor Bean seeds with you.


Happy Gardening!