WANTED--In alleged death of innocent opossum

Warning, this story is not for the sensitive or lover of all creatures, even biddie-eyed possums. The story contains no recommendations for lovely flowers or plants, but the setting is my garden.

To give you some perspective, this story starts back a few months ago, so I will start at the beginning.  Usually, my dog Jasper sleeps inside at night.  There are those rare occasions when for some reason or another he doesn’t want to come in for the night.  I give up and go to bed and think nothing of it.

One night about midnight, I am awaken by the obnoxious barking of my furry friend.  I put on my shoes and get a flashlight to investigate. There is tale-wagging Jasper barking at this HUGE possum.  By the way, they are ugly creatures and this one was scary…hissing and charging.  Well, I didn’t know what to do.  I was embarrassed by the loud late-night actions of my dog and frankly, worried that my neighbors might come over and let me have it for the disruption to their beauty sleep.  I didn’t know what to do…I was bit scared myself.  Scared for my dog…worried the opossum was rabid…worried it was going to attack one or both of us.  So I got the biggest yard tool I own with a long handle…my giant rake and separated Jasper and the critter.   I tried to wrangle my pup to come inside, he evaded all my attempts and I stayed outside for about an hour to keep the two in their separate corners.  Jasper finally gave up and came inside. That was Round 1.

Round 2. A couple of night ago, similar thing happened.  Jasper stayed out for the night and I was awaken about 3am to see he had found a baby opossum between my fence and the neighbors…Jasper couldn’t get to it, but he was obsessed. Learning from my last late-night-critter experience, I distracted Jasper and waited him out for another hour and he finally gave up and came in.

Round 3. Last night…it happened again, but this time….I was too late.  I woke up, put on my shoes and grabbed my flashlight.   Only when I finally got outside…the baby opossum met his fate….Jasper had killed him.  Jasper proceeded to walk proudly with his new trophy all around the yard…almost like some sort of tribesman coming back from the BIG Kill.

So may the biddie-eyed, ugly critter met his demise last night, by an innocent-looking labradoodle. A moment of silence for the opossum and my condolences to the opossum family who invaded my yard.

That’s the story of tragedy in my garden.