Can these plants be saved?  I’m really not sure.

After a fruitful, but very hot July, my tomato plants pretty much “burned up” (as my gardening Daddy used to say).

It happens.   Tomato plants are susceptible to lots of folar diseases.  Add the stress of summer heat and insects and you get some pretty ugly plants by August.

You could pull them out like my friend Titina at Capri Flavors.  Her garden was looking nice and clean–her tomato plants vanquished–when I visited this week.

I came home planning to do the same.  But the heathy new growth and blooms at the top of the plants stopped me.


  • I cut off most of the sick foliage.
  •  Added some fresh soil and fertilizer around plant roots.
  • Re-staked my plants and watered well.
  • For extra insurance, I cut off some nice healthy branch tips and rooted them in pots.

Will I get a late crop of tomatoes?  That’s the big question.

Much of late summer gardening is an experiment.  Some years are better than others.  I’ll let you know if my August rehab pays off.