By August 15th, I’m over it.  My  garden slides into September pretty much unattended.

But after Labor Day it’s time clean up get outside again.

First–I edit, removing the plants that are over it too.  Any leaners get cut back.  Any over-acheiving annuals get pulled up.   The garden looks better.  I can see the “bones’ again.

Secondly–I rake the paths.  The pine straw and leaves go into the beds instead of the compost or street.  The difference is dramatic.

Before the rake, and after–

Finally–I invite people over.  September has many beauties to show off  like these Red Spider Lilies, Oxblood Lilies, and American Beauty Berries   If I wait til the garden’s pristine–they will be gone.Red Spider Lilies are one of the great joys of September in the South.Oxblood lilies and Beauty Berry, too.

So celebrate the end of summer.  Spend a couple of hours cleaning up and share your garden NOW.