Here is your call to arms…now the weather has cooled off, it is time to get outside and start working on the garden.  As a passionate gardener, I am not afraid to admit that I take the summer off.  It is too hot to be digging for me and the plants.  But the weather has started to turn and that is my wake up call to get digging, weeding, and planting.

Top 3 things to do this weekend to kick-start the fall garden season:

1) Pull it out.  Dig up your dying summer veggies and all the weeds that have been creeping in while you were in your summer heat comma.

2) Till or turn it up. Time to toss the dirt.  Add in some time-released fertilizer and prep your beds for the fall and winter crops.  Co-writer Chris suggests some tasty greens…I am in.

3) Take a picture of your garden now.  You can do 1 of 2 things with it.  One, you can take an inventory of what you have, what needs dividing or removed and use that to create your fall gardening plan. Or two, you can save the pics for winter when it is cold and you can plan your spring attack.

So when it is a bit chilly this weekend, get motivated and get digging.  Lots to do before Old Man Winter sets in.  I don’t know about you…but I am ready to get dirty!

Happy Gardening!