My Tropical Ginger Rocks

An ordinary morning, walking around the garden reveals such a majestic wonder….my tropical ginger (common name Orange Ginger Lilly, latin name:,) had its first bloom.  I planted it last year and nothing happened, but this year it showed its true colors.  A big, bright cluster of orange flowers.  It is amazing.

Three reasons to grow a tropical plant that works–Ginger.

  1. It is dramatic. It grows tall(mine is at least 6 feet tall), sort of like a canna but with thin, slender stalks and lance-like leaves.  If the height doesn’t impress you, the bottle brush blooms will. I have it next to my banana tree and it just pops.
  2. It has a delicate fragrance that doesn’t overwhelm, but draws you in.
  3. It is a hardy perennial.  It soaks in the hot, humid summer temps and needs relatively little water.  It never drooped once this summer and right at the turn of the season—Boom…big bossy blooms and looks like more to come.

Looking for a new tropical plant to WOW your garden.  You should grow Ginger.

Happy Gardening.