When we moved to Southern Wake County, NC  almost 27 years ago, one of the first plants I bought for my garden was a Rudbeckia.

Not only do I still have Rudbeckia goldsturm in my garden,  I’ve given away bushels of this  sturdy black-eyed Susan over the years.

It’s a great plant, long blooming in the garden and the vase.

So when I see a new Rudbeckia variety, I can’t wait to take it home.  My newest is Rudbeckia Henry Eilers (quilled sweet coneflower) purchased  from Campbell Road Nursery on Tryon Road last fall.

This plant is a huge hit with me.  Taller than Goldstrum but needing no staking, It blooms later and the pale yellow flowers  hang around for weeks (5-6 so far). 

I love the unusual spoon-shaped petals and lighter lemon color.

The birds love it too. 

On the other hand, my sister bought the same plant and thinks it has too much foliage to flower ratio  in her garden.  I think she hasn’t found the right spot yet.  My advice to sis is — give this great plant one more try (or dig it up and give it to me).