So when you think of fall flowers you think of mums, right? Well, I have 2 awesome plants that are really producing and actually surprised me: Blue Chip Dwarf Butterfly Bush(Buddleia) and Hot Lips Salvia(Salvia microphylla).

Blue Chip Dwarf Butterfly Bush(Buddleia)

Perfect compact plant that was cultivated right here  in Raleigh, NC at NC State University.  Talk about local genius, Dr Dennis Werner of the JC Raulston Arboretum breeding program created this fabulous plant. I love this plant.  It blooms in spring and summer and now, as I found out, fall too. I was surprised to see a comeback of blooms this late. Perfect for containers or if you need a low growing shrub–growing at its max 2-3 feet.  BONUS: Heat and drought tolerant and deer resistant and produces few seeds. You should grow the Blue Chip Butterfly Bush.

Hot Lips Salvia(Salvia microphylla)

Who wouldn’t want hot lips in their garden.  Perfect for coffee talk…my hot lips are rocking…in my garden 😉 I have to admit, I have never seen a salvia I haven’t loved, but this one has whimsy and sass….two of my favorite qualities.  Again, another surprise to see its resurgence of blooms this late in the season. A unique quality of this plant is in the summer sometimes you see all white flowers or all red flowers, but as soon as the evening temps cool down…bi-color comes back and you see the hot lips wonder. BONUS: it is heat and drought tolerant, plus isn’t as susceptible to leaf spotting as some Salivias. You should definitely grow Hot Lips Salvia.  What a party plant.

Happy Gardening!