I love my mini bed by my mail box.  It is like my little lab.  I have tried all sorts of annuals and have recently added some perennials so I don’t have to swap it out as much.

As I went for my morning walk, I noticed the most fabulous combination.  I still have my summer snapdragon (Angelonia) blooming…only one survived because I neglected to water after planting.  But this petite flower juxtaposed against my peach pass along aster mum is brilliant.

As I have confessed many times before, I am not a fan of the formal mum.  I know it says fall. I know it is a favorite of many.  But this peach aster mum is tops.  It isn’t formal…it is loose and free flowing.  Co-writer Chris gave me one when she was doing some spring cleaning last year and it has become my number one fall plant.

The Angelonia will soon go away because it is an annual, but one you should put on your spring and summer list.  It is so petite and sophisticated. And the purple-peach combo is a slam dunk.

You should grow that.

Happy Gardening.