This is the best month to build, dig and make big changes in my Apex garden.   My to-do list is long one.

Bed building:  I’ve been collecting plants to expand my  beds for some weeks now.   I dig in bags of topsoil, compost, and pine bark soil conditioner.  Then plant in the elevated and enriched areas. Stones, even fire wood, hold the soil in place.

Shrub planting:  I love to take advantage of the great plant sales and open nurseries this time of year.  And I love shrubs.  They are the bones of my garden.  When I make a new bed I always start with shrubs, then fill in with smaller plants.

Dividing perennials:  Some plants never need dividing, but others, like my favorite Japanese Roof Iris will bloom much better if divided every 2-3 years.  Having extra plants to share with friends is another big bonus of dividing your plants.

Saving seeds:  Some of my favorite plants, like this tall Melampodium, grow from home-harvested seeds.   Simple and free, seeds are the most rewarding form of propagation I know.  I store my seeds in open containers until they dry completely.  And always, always label.

That’s only part of the list and I’m already tired, so I’ll end on an easy task.  Enjoy the fall blooms, leaves and wonderful weather.   It is a great time to be outside in NC.

What are you doing in the garden this month?  I’d love to hear.