Finally, the brick walk I’ve always wanted.  We’ve talked about it for years, laid it out a couple of times and gotten a slew of estimates.  Here’s what we learned in the process.

1) Make it wider than you think.  Our walk is 5 feet flaring to 6 at the drive. It doesn’t look that wide–but it is.

2) Curves are good.  We used the garden hose to plan our path, then spray painted the grass and walked on it.   Don’t rush hardscape.  It’s hard to remove.

3) Find a contractor you can work with–A local landscape company recommend Jason from Old South Masonry and he was a great find.   Before we found Jason there were more than a few really high estimates and one man wanted to put down natural stone (even though I wanted brick).  Old South was fast, efficient, affordable and they did a beautiful  job.

4) Save money by doing some the grunt work yourself.  Bill rented a concrete wet saw , cut up the old walk and hauled it to the woods were I’m going to use it as path edging.  He also laid drainage pipes from the downspout under the walk site.   And right now we’re moving a pile of displaced dirt.   But we saved a lot of cash by doing these chores ourselves.  (Sounds like more money for plants.)

Anyone else planning new hardscape this fall and winter?  Let’s hear your ideas and dreams.