Much of my little woods garden was inspired by visits to the Joslin Garden

Just last week, I was speaking of Mr. and Mrs. Joslin and the wonderful garden they build inside Raleigh’s belt line.  

“You should go there”,  I told guests at our fall seed and plant swap (co-hosted by blog partner Melissa) . 

In fact, everyone blessed with a bit of North Carolina woods should see what the Joslins did with their former farm.  

Now, that farm-turned-garden has been donated to the city of Raleigh to inspire future gardeners like me.   

Bless you Mr and Mrs Joslin (he passed away last year).  

Thank you saving a patch of woods, for making something stunning and priceless, then giving it away.  

Gardeners are a generous lot, but you’ve got to be the best. 

Here are details about the donation from this mornings N&O.   And the Joslin garden is usually open one or two days in the spring.  We’ll keep a look  out  and let you know. You’ve got to go there.