No heavy-duty shopping on the day after Thanksgiving for me.  Instead, I have a bulb planting marathon. 

Setting aside  a special day for planting bulbs keeps me from forgetting them.  That’s tip number one–

  • Get them your bulbs out of the garage, basement, porch  and put them  in the ground before for the end of November.  Yes, you can plant them later in year and have success.  But sitting around the house isn’t going to help them one bit.  Plant now for best results. 
  • Bulb flowers only look large in catalog photos.  On a big canvas like my woods, they seem very small.  So buy in bulk.  I try to add 100-150 daffodils every season and plant them in drifts of 10-20 bulbs. 
  • Plant bulbs where you can see them from the house and drive.  Winter and early spring days are short.  You want to enjoy your flowers.  Also, put the earliest varieties in the back of the planting so you’re not viewing  new flowers though the fading blooms of the old.  And remember, daffodil flowers will face the sun–important to remember when you plant in the woods. 
  • Finally, since I plant around trees, it’s often hard to get a shovel in very deeply.   I dig as deeply as I can, work in some organic Bulbtone Fertilizer, plant bulbs,  then add a few inches of extra soil over top.  Come spring, I hope I’ll have lots more of this–Spring daffodils like the ones in the photo below. 

 So what are you doing to get ready for next season?