So I had the good fortune of visiting my friend Amy’s ranch near the lower Sierra Mountains in California.  It is a flurry of activity on this 40-acre ranch with 5 horses, 3 dogs and a barn cat named Charlotte.  Who knew having a ranch was so much work…and sometimes I complain about my little NC garden.

Georgia was the best horse...a great trail ride

Sure there are picturesque views, and winding mountain roads and fauna abound, but for this audience….You all would be impressed with her veggie garden set up.

Entry to her garden--love the painted gate!

First she has these awesome cedar raised beds….personally, I am very envious of her set up.

Cedar-Plank Raised Beds

Then she has such variety of vegetables growing.

She has lots of brussels sprouts with tiny little baby sprouts peeking through.

Little Baby Brussels Sprouts

She has some Swiss Chard, Onions and parsley.

How clever...Wine Barrels for planters, So California!

But the coolest vegetable she has peeking out of her winter garden is this yellow cauliflower.

The gem of her fall/winter garden!

It is such a treat to visit other gardens, especially in a different location. Of course, California peeps don’t have to deal with our excessive humidity.  But many of the same vegetables grow in both NC and CA climates…just usually at different times.

Something to consider next fall is planting some broccoli and cauliflower.  NCSU Cooperative Extension suggests to plant in late August and use transplants from local garden centers for best results.  Oh, and per usual in an NC Garden, don’t forget to water.  That seems to be a key for these veggies to establish before the winter months. Hardy and semi hardy vegetables won’t require frost protection, but others might…you will need a cover of some sort…old fashion burlap or some new-age bed covers will do.  Just remember to create a little frame for them, so they don’t actually touch the veggies.  Here is a great chart for fall and “winter over” veggies for NC.  Save it for later, so you can plan your fall/winter garden of next year.

Thanks Amy for sharing your garden and ranch with me.  It was truly an inspiration.

Happy Gardening!