If I could only grow one tree, it would be the Prunus autumnalis or Winter-Flowering Cherry. 

This is an especially good year for this small-to-medium sized tree.  Thanks to the mild weather, it has been blooming for about 3 weeks outside our bedroom window.  But even in cold years, there are December blooms in my Wake County (NC) garden. 

Prunus autumnalis also blooms in the spring–but so do many other trees, shrubs, etc. 

The pale pink flowers really shine now–against the December-grey of our woods.   

One more note about our Prunus Autumnalis.   Twenty years ago when my father passed away, my best pal gave me this tree to remember him by.  

What a lovely monument to his spirit and her friendship. 

Prunus Autumnalis–there’s still time to add it to your list for Santa or buy it for yourself.   December and January are great times to plant in NC. 

Happy Holidays to you all.  Thanks for reading the blog and sharing your thoughts and comments.    And may the new year  bring you one inch of gentle rain every week.